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Photo Courtesy: Island Records

Photo Courtesy: Island Records

Nick Jonas is returning with his third solo album, Last Year Was Complicated.  Set to release on June 10, the singer explained to OUT Magazine that Jay Z inspired the album’s title.  He also revealed he first considered naming it Unhinged.

For Jonas, breaking up is hard to do and he admits that the record was inspired by his split with Olivia Culpo and his heartache, “I mean, it’s always difficult to open yourself up that way, but it’s important to get vulnerable,” the singer told PEOPLE Mag.

“Right now, at this moment, Beyoncé and Drake and all these artists are really embracing vulnerability; it makes a huge difference,” Jonas adds.  “I’m working my hardest to lay out my stories and my music and connect with my fans – and my own self – in that way.”

Currently, the one-time Disney star is on double duty: gearing up for the release of the album and kicking off his and longtime pal Demi Lovato’s joint Future Now Tour.

“I think that the thing that makes touring with Demi so exciting is: We’re friends, obviously, but also our partnership with the record label we started and the ability to build a night of music and have it not feel like a festival lineup but a full show, with intertwined sets that’ll keep it interesting for us and the fans,” he says.


Photo Courtesy: Big Machine

Photo Courtesy: Big Machine

Cassadee Pope is set to release her Summer EP on June 3.

In late May, Pope and Big Machine Label Group President Scott Borchetta hosted a listening party in Nashville for a sneak peek at the anticipated album.  They talked about the story behind each song and the reasons for putting them on the record before playing each track in full. 

Her newest single Summer is soon to be released.  Influenced by none other than Pope’s tour mate and duet partner Chris Young, the track is about a young love during a carefree season.  

“The thing that [Chris] reminded me the most of was just don’t worry about the message or the tempo.  Just worry about what speaks to you the most and what you feel you should put out there,” Pope shares with Taste of Country.  “So I let that piece of information decide the single for me and that’s how I landed on Summer.”

Another show-stopper on the album is the sassy and fun number called Alien, which is inspired by the well-rounded upbringing the singer experienced during her time at home.  She talked about never wanting to be in one box, even though society forces everyone to make choices to be only one thing in life.

“I have such an eclectic taste in things— fashion, music, hobbies.  It’s okay to be all these things.  And I want to encourage people to be all of the weird aspects of yourself,” she said.

The song, just like the EP, shows all different sides of Pope’s personality and she said each song tells a different story needed to be heard.

Pope will be extending her time on the road with Chris Young for the I’m Coming Over Tour this fall and will be playing at CMA Music Festival on the Park Stage.


Photo Courtesy: DGC Records

Photo Courtesy: DGC Records

Blink 182 is set to release California on July 1, after just releasing the new single Bored to Death and announcing they booked a summer tour package with support from A Day to Remember, All-American Rejects and All Time Low. 

California, produced by John Feldmann is the band’s seventh record and working with Feldmann was “really, really great to jump into the studio with [him] and he was really enthusiastic and really open to ideas and we’re really excited,” said Mark Hoppus.  “John’s a great producer.  He just kept pushing us to make a great Blink record.  He kept pushing us asking what is Blink about, what do you really do and it just felt really very easy.”

For the band, this is a special album and time, especially since they have a new bandmate, Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba. 

He says that there’s a huge similarity between Blink and his former band, “In the Alkaline Trio, I play in a band with my brothers and my best friends.  We all came up together.  But I’ve known Mark and Travis for probably about 15 years touring together.  And in a very short period of time, I feel very much like part of a family.  It’s a very similar vibe, but Blink is next level and here I am coming into this big huge thing, but it still feels very much like home.” 


Local Vibe


Gypsy Lane is one of Southwest Florida’s most entertaining party bands.  With everything from reggae to Motown, funk to dance, this band is composed of nothing but the best.  The group has backed musicians such as The Village People, Ritchie Family, Patti La Belle and many more.  Jam with Gypsy Lane on:

– June 17 & 18: 9 pm at Seminole Casino in Immokalee, FL.


Gary & Kerri is a dynamic musical duo mixing country and rock-n-roll!  Gary Harvey is a guitar player that has played with a variety of artists including Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band, The Platters, The Coasters and Willie Nelson.  Kerri Lynn fell in love with music while singing in her church choir, and since then catapulted into the top 40 scene.  She sang backup for Rod Stewart and has musical influences including everything from Patsy Cline to Melissa Etheridge.  Enjoy the sweet sounds of Gary & Kerri on:

– June 3: 6 pm at Portside Tavern in Port Charlotte, FL.

– June 10 & 18: 7 pm at Jack’s on Marion in Punta Gorda, FL.

– June 11: 7 pm at Bert’s Bar & Grill in Matlacha, FL.

– June 12: 1 pm at Hurricane Charley’s in Punta Gorda, FL.

– June 19: 6:30 pm at Dean’s South of the Border in Punta Gorda, FL.

– June 22 & 27: 6 pm at Hurricane Charley’s in Punta Gorda, FL.

– June 25 & 26: 12 pm at 5th Annual Rock on the Dock Songwriter’s Festival in St. James City, FL.

– June 30: 6 pm at Low Key Tiki in St. James City, FL.


Jim Morris is a singer and songwriter with a devotion to storytelling.  He considers himself “Florida’s own traveling tropical troubadour” with a unique blend of styles including island, rock, jazz, folk and country.  A prominent figure in the trop rock movement, he has 25 CDs to his credit and a touring schedule that regularly takes him to festivals, theaters and salty bars across the U.S., the Caribbean, Canada, Central America and the South Pacific.  Jam with Jim Morris on:

– June 8: 6:30 pm at Icehouse Pub in Punta Gorda, FL.

– June 15 & 29: 6:30 pm at Bert’s Bar & Grille in Matlacha, FL.