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Photo Courtesy: EMI Records Nashville

Photo Courtesy: EMI Records Nashville

Pawn Shop, the debut album from Brothers Osborne is everything fans expected and more.

With songs like Rum, the current hit Stay a Little Longer and Heart Shaped Locket, John and TJ Osborne have delivered a project that truly speaks to who they are and what they do.

But putting the album together wasn’t easy, even for these talented siblings.  Lead singer TJ says the two wanted “different scenes in every track” and sifted through so many songs while deciding what to put on the album.

“Some of the songs, when you’re listening to them, you’re not sure how they’re going to turn out when you finally record them,” he said recently to  “I mean, it’s pretty often that the song you think is going to be the best song, the easiest song to record, ends up being the hardest one and sometimes doesn’t turn out that great.  Then there’s these little diamonds-in-the-rough that’s usually the last song you just threw on the session just because you had the time, and suddenly, that’s the one.

“I think every artist struggles with picking songs for an album. If you think of all of your life’s work being summed up in 11 songs, that’s really challenging,” TJ added.

But the duo accepted the challenge, and with the help of co-writers like Shane McAnally, Craig Wiseman, Jessi Alexander, and newcomers Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris, they crafted 11 winning musical gems to make one heck of a debut.


Photo Courtesy: Crush Music

Photo Courtesy: Crush Music

For years, Sia Furler always found far more success as a songwriter than as a performer, having crafted smashes for the likes of Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, and Katy Perry.  But that all changed with the arrival of 2014’s 1,000 Forms of Fear, a remarkable album that yielded the instant radio staples Chandelier and Elastic Heart.

Now, Sia is an elite star and recently released her seventh album This Is Acting, which embraces her peak pop self.

“The last album was a little bit of a departure from the albums that came before, so it was transitional,” explains collaborator Greg Kurstin.  “On this album, I think anything is game, which is very liberating, just knowing that anything could work.  There’s a lot of songs on here that we maybe would not have put on the last album.”

One of those songs is the recently-released Kanye West collaboration Reaper.  West co-wrote and co-produced the song, which Sia originally penned for Rihanna’s ANTi album. 

Sia has downplayed the significance of Reaper, “I don’t care about the song,” she told Rolling Stone.  “I know in print that will look bad, but what I mean is I’m not emotionally attached to it. I thought it was a fun song. I think it’s a good, fun song, but I didn’t anticipate it being on the record.  But my manager really likes it so I put it on for him.”


Photo Courtesy: Interscope Records

Photo Courtesy: Interscope Records

U2 fans will not have to wait so long for a new album.  In a new interview, Bono says that Songs of Experience, the follow-up to last year’s Songs of Innocence, will be out in 2016.

“We’re going to get this album out [this] year,” he told the Irish Times, “unusual for us, a lot of the songs are done already.”

The singer pulled out his phone to give the journalist a sneak preview of what they were working on, complete with commentary.  One song was described as “going after a broken cassette recorder type of sound,” while the Edge and drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. were praised for their work on others.

Edge compared the album to 1993’s Zooropa in that it is being completed during down-time in the middle of a tour, “I think there’s a quality you get when there’s a certain momentum to the process.”

Bono mirrored the sentiment saying, “There is a reason why all the great groups made their best albums while in and around touring, because the ideas have to come out of your head.” 


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Mike Imbasciani is a 18-year-old with an old musical soul. A classic rock and blues music aficionado, Mike is all about Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and much more.  He and his band the Bluez Rockerz entertain audiences with a large repertoire of great tunes, sprinkled with a few originals.  Jive with them on:

– February 4, 14 & 25: 6:30 pm at Cass Cay in Punta Gorda, FL.

– February 5, 19: 7 pm at Nino’s Italian Restaurant in Punta Gorda, FL.

– February 6: 7 pm at Stillwater Grill in Fort Myers, FL.

– February 12 & 26: 7:30 pm at Bert’s Bar in Matlacha, FL.

– February 21: 6 pm at Froggy’s in St. James City, FL.

– February 27: 12 pm at Seminole Casino in Immokalee, FL.


The Del Prado’s are a Southwest Florida Oldies Tribute group playing music from the 50’s and 60’s.  The band came together in 2002 and has performed with a slew of artists including The Platters, Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge, The Mystics and many more.

– February 4: 7 pm at the Cape Cabaret in Cape Coral, FL.

– February 11: 7 pm at the Cape Coral Yacht Club in Cape Coral, FL.

– February: 6:30 – 9:30 pm at The Shell Factory’s Dolphin Room in Fort Myers, FL.


Gary & Kerri is a dynamic musical duo mixing country and rock-n-roll!  Gary Harvey is a guitar player that has played with a variety of artists including Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band, The Platters, The Coasters and Willie Nelson.  Kerri Lynn fell in love with music while singing in her church choir, and since then catapulted into the top 40 scene.  She sang backup for Rod Stewart and has musical influences including everything from Patsy Cline to Melissa Etheridge.  Enjoy the sweet sounds of Gary & Kerri on:

– February 13: 7 pm at Bert’s Bar & Grill in Matlacha, FL.

– February 28: 3 pm at Bert’s Bar & Grill in Matlacha, FL.