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The Look

Modern Woman

Photos Courtesy: Lucas Flores Piran

When it comes to hair trends, Spring/Summer 2015 will be about the new look of modern!

Redken Global Styling Director, Guido, says the hair this season is all about the modern day woman.  It doesn’t really reference another time. It’s simply a beautiful, modern look. It’s very real…very bourgeois.  Natural hair has so many little nuances that adds richness and luxury.  There’s movement, texture…ease and nonchalance, which are the new take on modern luxury.










This season’s chignons are effortless, but still refined and stood out with simple details, like wispy hairs that frame the face, and ends that stick out for a more casual feel.  Whether higher and sleeker or lower and messier, knots and chignons will be a Spring/Summer 2015 staple.


For this Spring/Summer 2015 look, two textures are better than one.  Guido achieved these looks by combining shiny/matte, wet/dry and wavy/smooth to create looks that captivated the eye with their dual personality. 

“My job as a hairdresser is to update styles to make them more relevant to today’s woman,” says Guido.  “Combining two distinct textures takes a look that’s classic and makes it slightly futuristic.” 


Hair trends in 2015 become about natural, effortless-looking styles, but natural hair doesn’t mean hair that it’s free of products or styling. 

“The difference is in the details.  Even the easy looks have little nuances that make them feel special.  The way the part is very natural and a little messy, or little wispy hairs around the face,” Guido explains.


Designers dressed up hair with gold accessories for a look that was elegant and simple all at once.  “It’s amazing how a hair accessory can elevate a simple hairstyle into something super rich and modern,” Guido points out.


Join the cult…The Crystal Cult!

The Rose Sunnies

The Rose Sunnies

Let’s be honest, when you’re tearing up the Vegas club scene, party hopping in Los Angeles and sipping champagne on South Beach you wouldn’t be caught dead flaunting accessories that are anything less than fabulous!  The Crystal Cult takes your love of feminine, fun and flirty sunglasses and brings them to the next level.  

Swarovski crystal embellished sunnies worn by celebrities like Jessie J and Miley Cyrus are the hippest and finest handmade luxury item no girl should live without.

Raised in rhinestones, The Crystal Cult founder Olivia Alexander brings glitz and glamour to a traditionally dull device.  She spent her childhood competing in beauty pageants and moved to Los Angeles at 13 to pursue an acting career, experiences that would later inspire The Crystal Cult.  

Always the trendsetter, Alexander’s signature glamazon-style showed through in everything she touched, whether it be vintage furs or bejeweled nails.  After hand embellishing her own pair of sunglasses with Swarovski crystals, she decided to launch The Crystal Cult with her best friend Abby Garcia.  In just under two years, the company has grown exponentially and has even been featured as one of The New York Times 2014 Holiday Gift Guide must haves.  Recently, the company expanded to include clothing, vape pens, jewelry and more.

So, whether you’re jet setting with your girlfriends or just want a little one-of-a-kind everyday sparkle, The Crystal Cult delivers a little luxury with a big bang!

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