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Hands, Neck, Body!

Why facial anti-aging advancements are just the tip of the iceberg

By: Dr. Kristen Flaharty

Often some of the tell-tale signs of age are just a short glance away.

Often some of the tell-tale signs of age are just a short glance away.

Has she? Hasn’t she? In this era of facial rejuvenation treatments and technologies, women are defying their calendar age more than ever. Wrinkles are smoothed, sagging skin is lifted, cheeks and lips are plumped. More than 90% of all the products, treatments and procedures for anti-aging are focused on the face— which is understandable, given that it’s the part of the body that’s always on display.  But what about the rest of the body?  Often some of the tell-tale signs of age are just a short glance away— crêpe-like skin of the neck, sun damage to the décolletage, sun spots and overall uneven skin tone on the hands and forearms.  Don’t just focus on your face and ignore the rest— trending now are the latest anti-aging body treatments to keep people guessing your age and help you feel great from head to toe! 

Eeek! I Need a Scarf to Cover My Neck!

Many women point to the neck as being their least favorite part of themselves.  In her book I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman, Nora Ephron sums it up perfectly (if a little bit painfully): “Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth.” 

Here in Florida, we only get away with a scarf or turtleneck for a few cold days of the year, and even in cooler climates, no one wants to have to wear these everyday.  However, there are several options to reverse the signs of aging on your neck: surgical procedures, non-surgical treatments and topical anti-aging products.  

Surgical procedure- A highly effective way to lift the sagging tissues of the neck, restoring the youthful profile you enjoyed years ago.  

Non-surgical treatments- Technologies such as Exilis, Infini and Ultherapy can give great results.  These treatments use radio frequency and ultrasound to lift and tighten tissues, but the results are more subtle, and usually not as long-lasting as a surgical neck lift.  Still, these can be an important part of a beauty maintenance plan, and are great options for those of us who feel we’re not quite ready for surgery yet.  

Anti-aging skincare products- Because the skin on the neck is different from the face, anti-aging skincare products are formulated to be thicker than facial creams.  Typical ingredients include antioxidants and lighteners to combat sun damage.  Trilogy Laboratories is introducing a new product with innovative ingredients to firm, lift plump and sculpt the neck and decollete area. It is the first of its kind to combine 6 high performance ingredients.  The cream can also be used on the derriere to bring back that firm, plump look which often slumps thanks to gravity and sedentary living.

My Poor Sun-Damaged Chest

The chest area (décolletage) is one that many have left exposed to the sun far too often.  As one ages, we pay the price for those hours spent in the sun by way of wrinkles, uneven skin tone and thinner, more fragile skin that’s lost its elasticity.  Fortunately, there are a number of treatments to effectively rejuvenate this area, from intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments to help eliminate hyper-pigmentation and broken capillaries, to chemical peels that reveal smoother, softer skin with less wrinkling.  Some advanced medical spas are performing rejuvenating treatments that include fillers in the chest area.  This has the same effect of plumping tissue in the face and can dramatically improve the look of your chest.  The right skincare regimen will also help, applying morning and night for best results.  Look for skincare products such as sculpting creams that include lipo-stimulating active ingredients such as natural plant extracts, peptides, and plant stem cells to plump and firm tissue. 

Are These Really My Hands?

While the face is something we see first, our hands are also almost always visible.  What do your hands say about your age?  Treatments for the hands can include microdermabrasion, peels, IPL, filler injections and skincare products.  The latest skin care products are formulated with powerful actives that are designed to build, firm, plump, brighten and soften the hands, taking anti-aging management to a new level for ones hands. 

Body — Lumps, Bumps and Muffin Tops, Oh My!

Forget having to go under the knife for liposuction.  A new Body Sculpting lotion ushers in a new era of toning for saggy skin, adipose management of cellulite and reduction of fat.  This, combined with body treatments like CoolSculpting, Exilis and Infini, can give you a serious jump on slimming, firming and tightening – with no scalpels, no needles and no downtime.  Body maintenance now is also at another level, with the body spa treatments, which can include body microdermabrasion and topical products to exfoliate and keep skin smooth toned and young looking after we’ve gotten our shape back.  Now we need to think preventative in terms of keeping the cellulite, creping and sagging skin issues at bay!

It’s apparent that everything from the latest anti-aging products to a new generation of procedures can help keep you comfortable in the skin your in.  So, if you’ve been focusing only on treating your face, it’s time to focus on keeping your body in tip top shape too.  

– Dr. Kristen Flaharty is the owner of Trilogy Laboratories, a custom skin care product manufacturer located in Fort Myers, FL.  She holds a doctoral degree in Pharmacy from the University of Michigan.  Trilogy Laboratories was founded on her vision of developing high quality medical grade skin care products.  Her laboratory supplies products to Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa, as well as customers of the IntegraDerm line and other private label clients.  Dr. Patrick Flaharty provided input into this editorial. 


Organic Radiance

Alitura Naturals nourishes skin

The Alitura Clay Mask ($59). Unlike any other product on the market.

The Alitura Clay Mask ($59). Unlike any other product on the market.

Alitura Naturals is the latest in organic skincare.  The brainchild of actor, model and athlete Andy Hnilo, Alitura is the result of a lifetime of competing at the highest physical levels and developing a fascination with anatomy, physiology and the mind-body connection.  

Latin for “feeding and nourishing”, Alitura began its journey with one simple product: The Alitura Clay Mask ($59).  Unlike any other product on the market, the clay mask truly rebuilds the skin from the inside out.  Made with nine nutrient-dense ingredients, including 100% L-Ascorbic Acid— the highest quality Vitamin C on the market, Freshwater Pearl Powder, Rhassoul Clay, Calcium Bentonite Clay and much more, this formulation replenishes the skin with vital nutrients, minimizes sun-spots, stimulates blood flow and encourages growth of new skin cells.  By purifying skin at its deepest layers, these carefully formulated clays produce total detoxification, resulting in porcelain skin and a truly radiant glow. 

A newer addition to the Alitura family is The Alitura Moisturizer ($49/$79).  Restorative, revitalizing and made with 95.4% organic ingredients, the moisturizer is the perfect complement to the clay mask.  Formulated with carefully selected, nutrient-rich super food extracts and essential oils, the moisturizer combines the best of both nature and science.  A unique blend of botanicals, such as Seabuckthorn and German Blue Chamomile and organic extracts such as Wilelaiki Raw Honey and bee propolis garnered from organically managed bees, the moisturizer is designed to heal damaged skin tissue as well as slow the aging process by awakening the complexion at a cellular level. 

– For more information or to purchase Alitura Naturals, visit