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Common Myths of Surgical Rejuvenation

By Dr. Patrick Flaharty
Surgical rejuvenation of the lower face and neck is safe, effective and long lasting.

Surgical rejuvenation of the lower face and neck is safe, effective and long lasting.

Although advances in noninvasive and minimally invasive procedures have been dramatic in recent years, there are certain aspects of facial rejuvenation that can be achieved only with surgery.  Surgery is at the apex of the pyramid, as it often represents a natural progression up the pyramid with age.  Surgery also represents the pinnacle of what we do as surgeons.

Surgical rejuvenation of the lower face and neck is safe, effective and long lasting.  It is often a once-in-a-lifetime event for patients.  There is nothing more powerful than a panfacial rejuvenation where the entire face is revitalized in a single procedure resulting in a beautiful, harmonious transformation back in time. 

Unfortunately, the “old style” facelifts of many years gone by have unfairly tainted patients views of these procedures.  The myths associated with “old style” facelifts are not relevant today.  Let’s explore some of the common myths of surgical rejuvenation of the lower face and neck.  

Myth #1:  A facelift requires general anesthesia. 

This is not true.  Facelifts can be safely and comfortably performed with light intravenous sedation combined with local anesthetics.  The type of sedation is similar to that received during a colonoscopy.  This allows the patient to remain completely comfortable during the procedure and wake up quickly with less of a “hang over” effect when compared to general anesthesia.  

Myth #2:  Facelifts are painful.  

Most patients are pleasantly surprised that surgical rejuvenation of the lower face and neck is not particularly painful.  In fact, most of our patients are quite comfortable with Tylenol or Motrin after the procedure.  Yes, there will be some tightness and soreness after the surgery, but it tends to be mild and gradually fades over the course of a few weeks.  Many say, “If I had known how easy this was, I would have done it years ago.”

Myth #3:  There is a lot of downtime after a facelift.  

Downtime is variable depending on the patient and the procedure, but lower face and neck rejuvenation generally requires only one to two weeks of downtime.  In fact, most patients are out in the public eye within the first week and return to full activity by two weeks.  Yes, there can be bruising, but when it occurs, it generally fades over a few weeks and can be covered with modern make-up techniques allowing patients to get out in the first few weeks.  

Myth #4:  A facelift will make me look different or unnatural. 

Just like everything else in medicine, facelift techniques have improved dramatically due to better understanding of facial anatomy, improved instrumentation, better anesthesia and better techniques.  Today’s facelift is faster, safer and associated with less downtime.  Most importantly, facelifts can help patients look naturally refreshed without looking different.

Our world is changing rapidly.  People are living, working and staying socially active much longer than previous generations.  Many patients express concern that when they look in the mirror they “don’t look the way they feel.”  This is often due to aging changes on the face, especially laxity of the lower face and neck.  Loose, hanging skin of the jowls and neck can definitely make us look older.  However, it is comforting to know that we have modern solutions for these aging problems that should help us all to continue to “look the way we feel.”

- Dr. Patrick Flaharty of Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa is a specialist in facial cosmetic surgery and recently published a 21st century guide, Look Younger Now: Fillers, Face Lifts and Everything in Between.  Azul Medical Spa includes two Southwest Florida office locations: 13470 Parker Commons Boulevard, Suite 101 in Fort Myers and 23451 Walden Center Drive, Suite 400 in Bonita Springs.  For more information on the Laser Hair Removal or to make an appointment, please call (239) 415-7576 or visit


Naughty + Nice

Breakups to Makeup and Ryan Porter create the perfect accessory

b2m116Fashion, beauty and self-expression have come together to create a duo of NAUGHTY and NICE gift sets for the 2014 holiday season.

Breakups to Makeup and Ryan Porter’s jewelry line designed an iconic clutch and custom bracelet that are a surefire hit for anyone who values style, humor and a good accessory.

For the good girl on your list, the NICE set includes a natural canvas “Love Raised Me, Lipstick Saved Me” clutch and a 14K gold-filled Ryan Porter bracelet with white beads that are customizable with any angelic saying of your choice.  The NAUGHTY set includes a black canvas “Love Raised Me, Lipstick Saved Me” clutch and a 14K gold-filled bracelet with black beads that can be customized with any unruly phrase you pick; the perfect gift for any misfit. 

In June 2013, Breakups to Makeup launched as the brainchild of accomplished makeup artist and professional educator Angelique Velez.  The line seeks to share that makeup is more than just a product; it’s a form of art.  

Ryan Porter, created by designer Krysten Kauder, launched in the summer of 2013.  Beginning with corded customized message bracelets, the brand quickly gained popularity and has since added colored and 14K gold-filled chain to the mix. 

Ordinarily retailing for $87, the kits are being offered at a special holiday price of $60.  In November 2014, the gift sets will be available at and