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Aging Quickly

Reevaluating your daily routines can help turn back the aging clock.

By reevaluating your daily routines and making a few easy changes, you can help turn back the aging clock.

A line here, a sag there…aging doesn’t forgive.  But are you aging quicker than you expected because of the “S’s” in your life?

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, it might be time to reevaluate your daily routines in order to turn back the clock.


Does your to-do list never seem to get any shorter?  Well, the stress from a hectic life may be taking a toll on your body. 

“People think multitasking is good, but you don’t actually get anything done— you just create more stress,” says Raymond Casciari, MD, chief medical officer of St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, California.

Several studies show that chronic stress triggers the release of free radicals, the unstable molecules that damage cells and are responsible for aging.  Instead of trying to do it all, Dr. Casciari suggests concentrating on one task at a time and only moving on once you finish it.

Skin Products

Dr. Susan Stuart, MD, a San Diego, California board-certified dermatologist, says that excess makeup can age you in less obvious ways, too.

“Wearing excessive amounts of makeup, especially oil based products, can clog your skin pores and cause outbreaks,” she adds.

In addition, overusing skin products with fragrances, irritating chemicals, and alcohol agents may dry out the skin by removing its natural oils, which causes premature lines and wrinkles.


When they said beauty sleep, they weren’t kidding.  Skimping on sleep not only results in dark bags under the eyes— it has also been linked to a shorter lifespan, says Dr. Casciari.

“Sleeping within the seven-hour range is optimal,” he says.  Get to bed earlier if you have the symptoms of sleep deprivation, which include a lack of daytime energy, mental sluggishness, attention problems, or weight gain.


Kiss young and dazzling skin and teeth good-bye thanks to the nicotine in your smokes.  Nicotine wreaks havoc on your skin and causes premature aging and wrinkles.  

Experts agree that smoking accelerates aging, making them look 1.4 years older than nonsmokers, on average.  Why is that?  Well, smoking hampers the blood supply that keeps skin tissue looking supple and healthy.  Therefore, ruining your young look. 


An excess amount of sun exposure without protection brings on the signs of aging more rapidly.

“The number-one cause of nearly every sign of premature aging on the human face is ultraviolet exposure,” Sarah L. Taylor, MD, associate professor of dermatology at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center says.  “UV light is present even when it’s cloudy or raining.”

Protect your skin by wearing sunblock with an SPF between 30 and 50 daily, not just during vacation. 


Your sweet tooth can be adding years to your face without necessity.  Not only does sugar add excess weight to your body, making you look older, it damages the radiance of healthy fibers in your cells.

“Internally, sugar molecules attach themselves to protein fibers in each of our cells,” says Dr. Stuart.  This damaging process, known as glycation, can result in a loss of radiance, dark circles under the eyes, loss of tone, puffiness, an increase in fine lines and wrinkles and a loss of facial contours and increased pore size. 


A sedentary lifestyle can be detrimental on a body.  People who spend most of their days sitting at a desk are at increased risk for kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, not to mention obesity. 

The British Journal of Sports Medicine says exercising regularly helps to prevent these health issues and keeps you living longer.  The study showed participants who exercised 150 minutes or more a week lived 10 to 13 years longer than those that were inactive.


When it’s colder outside, it’s tempting to crank up the heat indoors.  But before turning up the thermostat, which sucks moisture out of the air, New York board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. James Marotta, says to seek an alternative. 

“High thermostat temperatures can lead to dry, inflamed skin, which over time has aging effects,” he says. 

Invest in a humidifier to help counteract the dry air (40 to 60% humidity is optimal) and free your skin from itching, scratching, and flaking. 


Slumping in front of a keyboard for hours on end can cause your spine to form an unattractive and potentially harmful hunched posture over time, says Jeremy Smith, MD, orthopedic spine surgeon at Hoag Orthopedic Institute in Irvine, California. 

“The spine has a well-balanced S-shaped curvature in order to stabilize and support us,” Dr. Smith says.  “Poor posture or slouching deviates the spine from this normal alignment, and as a result, the muscles, disks and bones become abnormally stressed.”

Pain and fatigue often follow, and possibly spinal degeneration and a permanent deformity.  Practice good posture by checking it throughout the day: ear, shoulder, and hip should form a straight line when seated.


Bold and Beautiful

Santika is a fashion and accessories line by celebrity stylist, Danny Santiago and jewelry designer, Erika Pena,

Santika is a fashion and accessories line by celebrity stylist, Danny Santiago and jewelry designer, Erika Peña.

The weather is getting warmer and every girl needs an effortless transition from poolside to elegant soiree glamour.  So, look no further because the perfect blend of fashion and accessories has hit the market with Santika!

Launched in late 2014, Santika is the brainchild of celebrity stylist and editorial genius, Danny Santiago and jewelry designer, Erika Peña.  Derived from both designers names, the line was launched when these fashion lovers became reacquainted in 2014 at the Soho Beach House, and decided to collaborate on a fashion project. 

Inspired by the fabulous women of the 1970s like Cher, Jerry Hall and Bianca Jagger, the two industry visionaries decided on a resort-wear line filled with boldness, color and chicness.  The collection is composed of 26 exquisite items, including voluminous draped dresses and daring jumpsuits and bold and bright accessories that embody style.

“We each contribute something to the shared vision,” Peña told Indulge Magazine.  “It feels like we’re creating something bigger than ourselves.”

– For more information or to purchase the Santika resort collection visit!