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Reviving Summer Hair

Chronological aging is caused by mechanical, environmental and chemical distress.

Chronological aging is caused by mechanical, environmental and chemical distress.

Sexy beach hair is all fun and games from May – September, but listen up my Florida beach beauties, hair ends up dry and parched from the summer sun.  And believe it or not, the heat and humidity can cause massive damage to your strands, resulting in split ends, dry, frizzy or brittle hair.

Hair is made from a protein called Keratin.  Composed of three layers — the cuticle, the cortex and medulla — hair obtains its characteristics from these layers.  For example, the cuticle has overlapping scales that make the tresses look shiny.  The cortex contains hair’s coloring pigment and the medulla gives tresses their thickness.

With age, the environment and common beauty treatments, locks undergo significant damage.  That’s why hair stylists have identified two main categories of aging/damaged hair: chronological aging and hormonal aging.

Chronological aging is caused by mechanical, environmental and chemical distress.  The combined effects of these external factors can leave hair dry, sensitized and/or porous.  

Hormonal aging occurs as a result of the physiological changes that women experience as they grow older.  This ultimately results in slowed scalp activity and the decline in melanin, the hair’s natural source of protection and defense against age-accelerating aggressors.

Environmental and chemical distress is by far the worst on your locks.  Visible effects of these distresses include: change in texture, diminished density, increased dryness, surface dullness, fragility and breakage.

In order to revive summer damaged hair, make sure to protect and nourish it during the summer months.  Before going for a swim in the pool or the ocean, wet your tresses in clean tap water.  Strands will soak up the fresh water and allow a lot less chlorine and salt water to soak into hair.

Add a generous amount of coconut, macadamia, almond or Moroccan oil, one hour before swimming, to your locks in order to avoid dehydration.  The oils contain Vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids that will moisturize the scalp and penetrate hair strands to prevent salt and chlorine damage.

Make sure to slather on a conditioning treatment on top of the wet and oiled hair.  Seek out a product that delivers a rush of moisture to the cuticle, but also provides a thin hydrophobic (waterproof) coating.  This temporary barrier will prevent environmental radicals and chlorine or salt water from entering, and will achieve suppleness, elasticity and bounce without weighing hair down. 

After swimming, make sure to immediately use a clarifying shampoo in order to remove the deep-down dirt and build up.  Use all natural clarifying shampoos and conditioners (i.e. Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser and Hair Conditioner Mashobra Wild Honey & Vanilla), only a small amount once or twice a month only, because these can strip your hair of it’s natural oils and be very drying.  A good alternative to clarifying shampoo is washing your hair with ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 cups of water.

Deep condition your locks and give your scalp a massage after you wash your hair.  Deep conditioning will restore the moisture, re-infuse the luster and balance out the natural oils your hair needs.  It will also protect your mane from dryness, frizz and split-ends.  More important, however, is giving your scalp an oil massage to increase the blood flow and strengthen the hairs roots.  Seek out reparative hair and scalp masks that contain essential oils such as avocado or olive oil and hydrating extracts such as lemon extract.  These ingredients provide intense conditioning and prevent future damage from environmental stresses and other external abuses.  

Finally, make sure to style your hair with protection.  Excessive heat styling causes friction and strips your locks of their softness, leaving them dry and brittle.  Use a heat-protective hair serum/hair spray before you blow dry, flatiron or curl your tresses.  Take head that the product protect the hair shaft and nourishes without leaving any buildup.  Also, limit applying hair styling products to the scalp.  Products block the follicles and can lead to bacterial infection.

Remember, beauty takes some work.  So, if you find yourself sporting a lackluster coif this summer, take care of those parched strands and restore shine, add elasticity and take your tresses from sun-stressed to sun-kissed.


No bad hair day!

Launched in 2002, Skinn Cosmetics focuses on creating quality products that bring consumers effective beauty solutions at an incredible value.

Launched in 2002, Skinn Cosmetics focuses on creating quality products that bring consumers effective beauty solutions at an incredible value.

The Collagenesis Hair Care system by Skinn Cosmetics takes anti-aging hair essentials to the next level.  This set treats and nourishes your hair and scalp with collagen and nutrient-rich formulations and encourages moisture retention for full, healthy-looking hair. These products provide long-lasting shine and condition and tame frizz for a smooth finish. The formulas used in this trio are free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes and detergents.

Launched in 2002, Skinn Cosmetics focuses on creating quality products that bring consumers effective beauty solutions at an incredible value. The line features products that boast cutting-edge and anti-aging properties with formulas free of unnecessary fillers often used by many large cosmetic brands.

Formulated with collagen from the Acacia plant, the Collagenesis Anti-Aging Rich Treatment Shampoo and the Collagenesis Anti-Aging Hair & Scalp Treatment Conditioner ($34) work to maintain hair’s natural youth and beauty through moisture retention and complete hydration. Combined with chamomile and acai oil extracts, the shampoo’s minerals nourish the scalp and leave hair feeling silky smooth. Paired with the frizz-taming, hair-strengthening conditioner, this duo is sure to satisfy even the thirstiest of manes.  Both products are sulfate and silicone-free, and aid in promoting revitalization.

Post-shower, bring out the Collagenesis Seal & Shine Cuticle Smoothing Spray and the Collagenesis Scalp Revitalizing Serum ($24) to lock in moisture and lock down frizzy flyaways. Formulated with a complex of acacia collagen, fruit acids and green tea extract, the smoothing spray will provide a long-lasting sheen while the serum rejuvenates thin-looking hair. This powerhouse collection is ready to give you the luscious, beautiful hair you’ve always dreamed of. 

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