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Cooking for Bimbos

By: Yohana de la Torre, Chief Editor
Chef Blakely Trettenero is passionate about food and started cookingforbimbos.com for everything from beginner foodies to experienced chefs.

Chef Blakely Trettenero is passionate about food and started cookingforbimbos.com for everything from beginner foodies to experienced chefs.

Passion in the kitchen makes dishes that much tastier.

And Chef Blakely Trettenero is passionate about food.  A 24-year-old Fort Myers native that studied Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu worked in the business for five years before venturing on her own and starting CookingforBimbos.com.

This “Head Bimbo”— as she jokingly calls herself— is a lover of fresh, homemade food and says cooking is for everyone whether you’re an experienced Chef or just a beginner foodie.

We had a chat with this fabulous cook and here’s what she had to say:

YD: How did you get into cooking?

BT: “My mother and grandmothers are all amazing cooks.  I’m talking about gourmet cooks.  It definitely runs in my blood.  I have vivid memories when I was a little girl helping my mom cook in the kitchen.”

YD: What inspired you to start Cooking for Bimbo’s?

BT: “I first started Cooking For Bimbos when I was in culinary school as a way to share some fun recipes I was learning in school with friends and family back home.  Over the years, I started making videos, then using a better camera for pictures, and posting more regularly.  I’m very lucky because I garnered an amazing group of followers that keep growing daily.”

YD: Ok…why Cooking for Bimbo’s?  Bimbo’s is usually such a negative connotation… 

BT: “Ha!  Ha!  I get that a lot.  I like to think of “bimbos” as young, fun girls that like to have a good time!  You see, when I was first in culinary school and told my dad about my idea for the website I was trying to get him to help me with a creative name.  All throughout high school my dad would call my friends “bimbos” and Cooking For Bimbos was the first thing that came out of his mouth.  It stuck!  It stands out and it’s fun, just like my website.”

YD: How would you describe your culinary style?

BT: “I like to call my style of cooking as “easy gourmet”.  Simple, elegant, and delicious.”

YD: What recipe do you suggest for a first time visitor to your blog?

BT: “All of my recipes beginner cooks could make with no problem.  I really don’t like to use anything boxed or frozen.  I love using fresh, simple ingredients.  A recipe that I recommend any beginner should start with is a roast chicken.  They’re simple, yet delicious and healthy.  Changing something as simple as the herbs and spices on the chicken can make a difference in flavor.  Experiment…it’s fun to play around and see what will be your favorite.”

YD: Share some cooking tips with our readers.

BT: “1.  Don’t over salt!  You can always add more if you need it, but you can’t take it away.  2. Please stop over-mixing your batter!  People for some reason have it in their head that they have to whisk the batter for hours.  You really only want to mix your batter until it is combined.  When you over mix, batter develops the gluten in the flour.  That makes for a tough, not as fluffy bread, muffin, brownie, pancake, etc.  I don’t know about you but I want fluffy!  3. Use fresh, good quality ingredients!  Some of the best food is the most simple and using good quality, fresh ingredients make all the difference.  Seriously people.  Just do it.  Lose the boxed stuff.”

Decadent Flourless Chocolate Cake

Decadent Flourless Chocolate Cake

YD: Any food you can’t live without?

BT: “Whenever I tell people what I do, they immediately ask me what my favorite recipe is.  I love all food so much that it’s very difficult for me to choose a favorite recipe.  However, I have probably the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I’ve ever met, so I’m a sucker for an amazing dessert.  Give me chocolate and I’m a very, very happy woman!”

YD: How often are recipes or videos loaded?

BT: “I try and put up a new recipe/video once a week.  I also love to travel, so I try and write a travel blog with tons of pictures and tips whenever I can.”

YD: Is your blog good for men too since there’s a lot of single guys out there that don’t know how to really cook?

BT: “I have women and men, all different ages, and from all different countries referencing my blog.  I would say that at least half my viewers are men learning to cook.  I get so many comments from guys saying they used one of my recipes to impress a girl.  I know that if I had a man cook for me one of these recipes, I would be a very happy woman.”

YD: What advice do you have for those individuals that are uninspired or not savvy in the kitchen?

BT: “Don’t get frustrated!  Everyone, including me, makes mistakes in the kitchen.  Figure out what style of cooking you like.  Then, discover what kind of herbs and spices you like.  Start simple and work your way up.  And know that you don’t need to be Martha Stewart from the beginning.  You will have some kitchen disasters but hey, it’s a learning lesson!”

– To catch up with Blakely Trettenero and her latest cooking shenanigans visit www.cookingforbimbos.com!