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Transformative expressions
The bold look of artist, Lia Galletti

By: Yohana de la Torre


True art is an extension of an artist’s spirit. And for Abstract Expressionist artist Lia Galletti that rings true because she sees artists as “transformers.”

“[My work is] an expression of an inner journey in which I explore the primal and simple language of the soul through abstract forms, their only representational role being to bring forth the true colors of our feeling and emotions at their purest,” Galletti says.

Born in Cuba, Galletti relocated to New York with her family in 1960. She then moved to Miami where she worked as a graphic designer and founded her own printmaking workshop and art.

Abstract Expressionism is said to represent the culmination of a certain line of development or tendency in modern art. And while living in Miami, the artist explored many painting mediums: printmaking, linocuts silkscreen.

She experimented with different painting media to achieve the graphic impression of printmaking and developed her own water-resist technique, using water under pressure to create surfaces, textures and lines similar to those on an etching.

With time, Galletti’s style turned into a form of painting that reflects an understanding of color and aims to unlock images and thoughts in modern art by playing with the conscious and the subconscious, with tones and dimensions on her canvas.

“Color itself inspires me,” she adds. “It has the power to communicate meaning in two primary ways — natural associations and psychological symbolism. It is also a universal, unifying language.”


Galletti’s work reveals a more meaningful engagement with her medium and has the viewer understand that the artist is caught up in something more than an aesthetic piece; there is an intellectual worth behind the work.

Her pieces take art and transform it to a subjective experience. They are impressive in nature and move the viewer with pure and organic form. Influenced by the likes of Russian Expressionist artist Wassily Kandinsky and the avant-garde art movement Cobra, Galletti has realized that her abstract images bring “a new vision and relationship to everyday life.” And that’s why one would say, her works are imagery that defies easy interpretation.
Incorporating a consideration of everyday things that inspire her, Galletti’s pieces offer some important insight into her emotions. That is seen in pieces like Rising, a painting showcasing the dialogue between our self and our unself, giving rise to our persona.
In September, Galletti will be exhibiting “Reflections On Canvas” at the Fort Myers Alliance for the Arts. The show is an abstract collection that has evolved through experimentation with different mediums and delves into everything from personalities to our environment.
– From September 9 – October 1, Lia Galletti will be exhibiting at the Alliance for the Arts, located at 10091 McGregor Boulevard. An opening reception will be held on September 9 from 5 – 7:30 pm. For more information, please call (239) 939-2787.