10th Annual Fort Myers Beach Film Festival

For 10 years, the Fort Myers Beach Film Festival has been breathing life into the area’s filmmaking culture.  Whether its artistry, passion, mystery, love or fantasy, filmmaking explores a unique art form and the masterminds behind the camera lens.  Filmmakers from all over the United States submitted their shorts, documentaries and full length features for this year’s retrospective festival.  But this year’s event will not only deliver new and innovative films, it will bring back entries from previous festivals that captivated audiences.





Unfolding the evil plot

In Devil in the Grass, pro-football player Jackson Walker’s career fails.  So, he returns to his home in Southwest Florida to sort out his life.  He lands an internship with Republican state senator James Hunter, whose Clean Water Bill puts him at odds with influential members of The Brotherhood of Set, a Satanic cult.




artsindex133The limitless Joan Sonnenberg

Joan Sonnenberg considers herself an explorer.  I must concur with that because from the paint stained hands of this five-foot-tall, soft spoken woman the substantial pieces of art that emerge are remarkable.  We first met Sonnenberg in August 2006.  She was preparing for a show that explored the world of ideas and senses with her vision of the truth.



Hands, Neck, Body!

Has she? Hasn’t she? In this era of facial rejuvenation treatments and technologies, women are defying their calendar age more than ever. Wrinkles are smoothed, sagging skin is lifted, cheeks and lips are plumped. More than 90% of all the products, treatments and procedures for anti-aging are focused on the face.  But what about the rest of the body?