Fort Myers Beer & Bacon Festival

Throwing every clean-diet New Year’s resolution out the window is The Fort Myers Beer & Bacon Festival, and boy is it worth it!  For those wanting to do something different, this festival is paramount!  The stars of the show are suds and pork!  Truly, an American combination made in taste bud heaven.




bookindex134Dual culture dilemmas

Living bi-culturally isn’t always easy, and author Marta Elva depicts this beautifully in her upcoming debut novel American Tumbleweeds.  American Tumbleweeds captures poignantly the growing pains of a young girl and of all immigrant families whose dual cultural identities lend them both strength and strife.




thelookindex134Melanoma: What You Need to Know

Melanoma is a skin cancer that starts in the melanocytes, or the cells in our skin that produce the pigment that gives us our color.  A melanoma can be any color including: brown, black, grey, red, blue or any mixture of these colors.  The incidence of melanoma is on the rise, and it is important to become educated about this type of cancer.



healthindex134Get Moving! National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

May is National Physical Fitness & Sports Month.  Physical activity is not only beneficial for ones health; it improves quality of life.  It can help children maintain a healthy weight and build healthy bones, muscles, and joints.