Sanibel Island Writers Conference

Writing is about connectivity.  It is about getting personal with your imagination and the fundamentals.  It is about connecting pen to purpose.  That is why Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) invites aspiring writers and other devotees of the written word to find the writer in you at the upcoming Sanibel Island Writers Conference.





Facelift Legends

Although advances in noninvasive and minimally invasive procedures have been dramatic in recent years, there are certain aspects of facial rejuvenation that can be achieved only with surgery.  Surgery is at the apex of the pyramid, as it often represents a natural progression up the pyramid with age. 




diningindex116Savor the Flavor

Fresh from the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center’s (SBDAC) brand new Culinary Arts department comes an opportunity as wonderfully unique as the event itself, Cooking for the Arts!  Cooking for the Arts is an interactive culinary fundraiser for SBDAC’s Eclectic Education program.




sportsindex116Seeing Red

Fishing the extreme skinny or commonly referred to, as shallow water is not a new angling pursuit here in Southwest Florida or in fact any coastal region throughout the country.  However, as many of our saltwater gamefish species continue to rebound through sound management and general stewardship, the sport has truly exploded in popularity— arguably to the level of being downright sexy!