Cheers to you Southwest Florida!

When one thinks Florida, sand and sun are at the top of the checklist.  But now, people can add craft suds to that list too!  Southwest Florida has stepped up and joined the trend with seven local microbreweries, and one poised to open in Cape Coral in June 2015.  GCT decided to spotlight a few of these topnotch brewpubs to give beer lovers a look into what’s on tap in their very own backyard!




booksindex122Trish Doller’s suspenseful road trip!

Fort Myers critically-acclaimed author Trish Doller puts forth a powerful suspense page-turner featuring a strong female lead and a heap of sexy in The Devil You Know.




artsindex122Embracing sound and color

Abstract artist, Hollis Jeffcoat is embracing and exploring the interplay between sound and color with her latest series.  Jeffcoat’s subject is “in effect, color making space based on nature.”




healthindex122Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection Month

If someone were to ask you what the fastest growing cancer in people under the age of 35, would you guess Melanoma?  May is Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month and education is key.